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This is a 6 Month program for Female Entrepreneurs where you will get the training, support and accountability to get your business to 6 figures.  Click Here to Learn More  

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Goal Crushing Collective

This is a 6 week program for Female Entrepreneurs where you will get the training, support and accountability to Crush your goals in 2024.  Click Here to Learn More  

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Heidi hosts the Be S.H.E. Podcast sharing tips and strategies to help you increase your visibility, amplify your voice, and take control of your life and business. She covers everything from personal branding to marketing, networking, public speaking and leadership. She also interviews successful women who have made their mark in their respective fields and are on a mission to make a positive difference in the world, so you can learn from the best. So, if you're ready to step out of the shadows, make your voice heard, put your stake in the ground and take charge of your life, then tune in and subscribe to the Be S.H.E. podcast!

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